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Eye floaters are very common, but they can have a very serious impact on your quality of life. Large floaters can make it difficult to drive, read, or do other things that contribute to quality of life. Since Laser Floater Treatment (LFT) was first introduced, the technology behind the procedure has evolved and become more precise. In July 2017, the first ever double blind study of the effectiveness of LFT was published in a leading medical journal.

Here's what doctors found:

Doctors carefully designed this study to make sure that they were picking the best group of patients to test the safety and effectiveness of LFT.

Study Design

Study Design


The doctors conducting the study separated patients into two categories: one that received LFT treatment with the Ellex Ultra Q Reflix Laser, and a control group that did not receive treatment.

Patients in the control group were fitted with a special lens that has a 1064nm YAG laser safety filter glued in the place to prevent any laser energy from passing through the lens to the patient, but from the patient's point of view, they thought they were being treated.

Patients in the treatment group reported much greater improvement in symptoms than the control group. No patient who had received treatment reported any adverse effects when they met with doctors.

Doctors reported that patients who had undergone LFT treatment improved both subjectively and objectively.



The percentage of the treatment group that reported significantly greater improvement in floater-related visual disturbance following on treatment with the Ultra Q Reflex Laser.


Patients in the LFT group who experienced complications from the procedure

Eye Floater Doctor

“The study found what we know clinically- that the Ultra Q laser works, and that it is safe. Now, doctors can not only feel confident when they see images and learn about the technology behind the laser, but they can also know that there’s a peer-reviewed study to back up the proven safety and efficacy.”
- Dr. Paul Singh

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