Do Floaters Go Away?

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Do Floaters Go Away?

Many experience eye floaters to some degree. To some, they consider the condition just a part of everyday life. To others with more acute symptoms, the results can be debilitating and significantly lower their quality of life. Regardless of their frequency, they remain a distraction which leaves many sufferers with the same question- Do eye floaters go away?

Do Floaters Go Away?

To answer succinctly, no, eye floaters will not go away on their own. There are, however, options available to you that can safely remove eye floaters.

Eye floaters occur when little protein fibers made of collegen clump together in the vitreous, the jelly-like substance that fills your eyeballs. There are multiple reasons why this happens, including eye-related trauma, diabetic eye disease, nearsightedness, as well as the natural aging process.

At best, these little clumps may settle in the base of the eyeball, but they can easily return to impede the field of vision at any time.

Thankfully, you can do more than just “hope” they go away on their own. There are treatment options available in which people can get rid of floaters. Among the various methods, laser vitreolysis, also known as Laser Floater Removal, is by far the least invasive.

What is Laser Floater Removal (LFR)?

During LFR, nanosecond pulses of low-energy laser light target the floaters. This laser light then evaporates the collagen that forms eye floaters before converting it to a gas that is then harmlessly reabsorbed by the eye. The out-patient procedure is highly effective, and Floater-free vision can begin to be noticed in as little as twenty-four hours for most patients.

However, there are a number of factors that cause eye floaters, and everyone’s condition will be unique. Only you and your doctor can decide which options are right for your eyes.

So remember, when a friend or family member asks you if eye floaters go away you call tell them, yes, but only if they choose to do something about it.

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from chronic eye floaters and would like to know more about their options, try our Doctor Locator Tool, which can help you find a doctor near you who specializes in treating eye floaters.

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