A Letter to My Eye Floaters: Missing Moments

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A Letter to My Eye Floaters: Missing Moments

Dear Eye Floaters,

A Letter to My Eye FloatersWe have been through a lot together, haven’t we? I have to say though, I have been getting frustrated lately, not being to see clearly, missing out on important moments and leaving behind some of my favorite hobbies. You seem so small, but do you know how much really you take away from me?

I used to love going to sports games with my family, but the bright lights just make you even worse. I don’t want to miss my son’s first touchdown or my granddaughter’s goal. My attention should be on my family, not on you.

At work, you disrupt my vision so much that everything takes longer.

When I watch TV, there you are again, blocking parts of the screen. Instead of relaxing, I worry about what I will miss next.

And sometimes, you scare me. Driving is terrifying, especially at night when it’s already hard to see. So, I avoid driving. Eye floaters, I am slowly losing my independence.

You make it so difficult to read that I have been reading less each day. I am afraid one day I won’t read at all.
I have also been unable to knit and crochet as much as I used to. It takes me so long to complete projects that I haven’t been able to make anyone a gift in months.

A Letter to My Eye FloatersI don’t deserve to lose the things in life that I love because of you.

So, I am taking back my life. I am taking the next step and finding a doctor. I don’t have to just live with you. I can enjoy life again without the frustration that comes with eye floaters. I WILL see clearly again.

So, eye floaters, this is good-bye. And good riddance.



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