How Long Do Floaters Last?

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How Long Do Floaters Last?

Have you ever noticed those translucent squiggly lines or specks floating across your field of vision?

These abnormalities are most commonly known as eye floaters. Like a houseguest who’s overstayed their welcome, they’re not going anywhere unless you decide to do something about it.

How Long Do Floaters Last?

The frequency, duration, and size of floaters vary from person to person. Many people will go through their lives experiencing these visual distractions to varying degrees. While some may only experience eye floaters to a minor degree, resulting in slight visual distractions, there are others that can suffer from much larger eye floaters.

These dense accumulations of the eye’s vitreous humor, the transparent jellylike tissue that fills the eyeball, can be very distracting and develop into a potentially debilitating condition. Large floaters can cloud and obstruct vision. This makes tasks such as operating a motor vehicle a dangerous proposition.

Because eye floaters do not go away on their own, those afflicted may attempt to actively ignore the visual disturbances throughout their daily lives as long as their floaters remain only minor inconveniences. People suffering though much larger floaters do not have the luxury of such an option.

Not only do the onset of large eye floaters pose a dangerous aspect to otherwise everyday activities, but a person’s overall quality of life can suffer as well. From graduations, to weddings, to your child’s first little league game, so much of life’s significant milestones are remembered visually. People suffering through large, dense floaters are hindered from enjoying these experiences to their full potential.

Regardless of your own level of eye floaters, you will not see any improvement from your condition unless you decide to take action to eliminate them. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to those experiencing eye floaters no matter the intensity or frequency.

Eye floater removal done through the procedure of laser vitreolysis is a minimally invasive procedure. Nanosecond pulses of low-energy laser light are used to break apart and dissipate the clumps of collagen that form eye floaters. The collagen is then converted to a gas that is harmlessly reabsorbed into the eye. An eye floater removal procedure provides visual improvements right away with many patients reporting little or no floaters within the following days.  Not only is this an out-patient procedure, there is very little risk of complications compared to  other types of procedures.

With the types of eye floaters and their severity varying from person to person, the Eye Floater Institute serves as an indispensible resource to learn more about the condition and aide in suggesting possible treatment methods including non-invasive laser vitreolysis.

Sufferers of eye floaters can also use the Physician Locator Tool found within the Eye Floater Institute to easily find a physician close to them to schedule an appointment and discuss what treatment options may be best for them.

Remember, no matter the severity of your condition there are options available.

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