News: Doctors Praise New Study on Laser Floater Treatment of Eye Floaters

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News: Doctors Praise New Study on Laser Floater Treatment of Eye Floaters

Have you ever asked your eye doctor about those annoying little eye floaters lurking in your vision, only to be told that the best treatment is to ignore them? That could be changing in the very near future. This July, eye floater treatment technology took a major step in the right direction following the results of a new scientific study, which could mean widespread relief for eye floater sufferers everywhere.

New Study on Laser Floater Treatment of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are an extremely common condition of the eye – about 70% of people will develop at least one in their lifetime. They are actually made up of proteins within the eye that clump together as you age and cast shadows in your field of vision. Though small in size, these floaters can have a big impact on your vision and quality of life. Some floaters can become so obstructive that they impede one’s ability to do even basic tasks, like reading or driving. Because of this, more and more eye floater sufferers are seeking treatment methods in an effort to take back their vision.

This July, the Journal of the American Medical Association: Ophthalmology published its first peer-reviewed study regarding the effectiveness of Laser Floater Treatment (LFT). During a LFT procedure, a doctor uses a highly specialized laser to render these little pieces of protein that disrupt eyesight into smaller, invisible bits, clearing the field of vision in a matter of minutes.

Prior to this report, there had been very little analysis on the procedure’s long-term effectiveness and safety, but the results from this study are promising so far. Of the patients that received LFT, the majority reported significant improvement in their floater symptoms in the six months following just one session of the treatment. This is particularly notable, as many patients require more than one session of treatment to get their best results. Within this same period, none of the patients reported adverse complications from the procedure.

Past patients who have been treated with LFT have described the process as “quick and painless,” and said the results are “amazing.” “I could not see, it was like I had a veil over my eye,” said one patient about her chronic, obstructive eye floaters. After years of suffering, any relief would have been welcome, but even she couldn’t have imagined the difference LFT would make: “I experienced no pain, it was a very quick procedure. It’s like going to sleep and waking up… and it’s like you have the eyes of a 20-year-old!”

Laser Floater Treatment is a new, but rapidly growing technology. It is becoming more and more available across the U.S. every year. If you suffer from eye floaters and are looking for long-term relief, you are not alone. To find your nearest floater specialist, visit the Eye Floater Institute’s Doctor Locator Tool today.

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