Physicians Praise Laser Floater Treatment

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Physicians Praise Laser Floater Removal

With recent advances in the technology used to treat eye floaters, physicians have seen an unprecedented number of interested, and ultimately satisfied, patients who are no long plagued with debilitating chronic eye floaters.

Doctors have has a lot to say about advances in LFR technology. Here are some of the personal success stories from physicians who have become leaders in providing Laser Floater Removal to their patients.

Here’s what Dr. Paul Singh had to say:

“I have seen such an incredible impact on my patient’s daily lives because of this procedure.”

Physicians Praise Laser Floater Removal

“Out of everything I do in my practice this truly has made the biggest impact in what I do.”

“The risk/benefit ratio is phenomenal”

To watch the full Dr. Paul Singh video click here!

After adopting the procedure for his own practice, Dr. Karl Stonecypher was equally impressed with the results.

“I was kind of skeptical. I didn’t adopt the technology until I found a laser that I thought could do what we needed to do.”

“We’re probably doing for to five patients a month.”

“We’ve got a huge referral net of about 294 doctors.”

To watch the full Dr. Karl Stonecypher video click here!

This sentiment for laser floater removal is enthusiastically shared with Dr. Karl Brasse who was amazed at how truly transformative the procedure was in his patient’s quality of life.

“I was so pleased with how good the results were.”

“This made me optimistic.”

“I could just melt them away.”

If you are interested in learning more about Laser Floater Removal or other options to treat eye floaters, you can use our Doctor Locator Tool to find a doctor near you who specializes in floater treatment!

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