The Evolution of Eye Floater Treatment

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The Evolution of Eye Floater TreatmentThe Evolution of Eye Floater Treatment

Where did it all begin? The use of lasers for the treatment of various eye disorders can be traced all the way back to the early 1960’s, when retina specialists recognized the clinical applications lasers could have in ocular therapy. In 1971, following the success found using the laser to treat vascular lesions and other retinal diseases, the American Academy of Ophthalmology published a series of clinical articles confirming the effectiveness and furthering the acceptance of this novel technology.

Professors Daniele Aron Rosa of France and Dr. Franz Fankhauser of Switzerland saw YAG laser technology as an opportunity to treat a widespread condition that affects over 70% of the population – chronic eye floaters. They developed the first pulse YAG lasers, taking the technology to the next level in precision and effectiveness, and later became the first medical professionals in the world to perform successful Laser floater procedures.

1985: First Laser ProcedureThe achievements of Rosa and Fankhauser abroad, coupled with the US introduction of the YAG laser in 1983, intrigued American ophthalmologist, Dr. Scott Geller. He became the first U.S. doctor to concentrate in Laser floater treatments, performing his first laser procedure around 1985, and officially specializing in floater treatments by 1989.

This new addition to the American ophthalmic community did not go unnoticed. Eventually, Geller’s success with Laser floater treatment in South Florida piqued the interest of ophthalmologists across the country, with some even seeking him out from as far as California to treat their own floaters! As word of the revolutionary procedure began to spread from coast to coast, one thing was certain: eye floater treatment would never be the same.

2017: First Peer Reviewed StudyLaser floater treatment’s efficacy continued to grow as the medical community began to take an even closer look into its effectiveness. In the early 1990’s, a study found that in 65 patients who underwent Laser floater treatment, over 85% reported a significant improvement in vision, and in the 8 years following the procedure, none of the patients experienced complications related to the procedure. Two comparable studies during the same period found similar results; a near 100% rate of laser floater treatment was achieved with no adverse effects found in any of the patients.

In 2017 the first-ever peer-reviewed double-blind study of laser floater treatment was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Ophthalmology. The acclaimed study cited successful treatment of floaters for the majority of patients, and those same patients had no adverse effects as a result of the procedure. Today, Laser floater treatment is now one of the most rapidly growing medical procedures in the country and has been performed thousands of times by eye doctors across the U.S.Data for Your Doctor Page

The history of Laser floater treatment has been an incredible testament to the power of innovative medical solutions. To keep up on the latest in Laser floater treatment and research, check out our Data for Your Doctor page.

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