What Patients Are Saying About Floater Treatment

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What Patients Are Saying About Floater Treatment

What Patients Are Saying About Floater Treatment

If you’re suffering from the effects of persistent eye floaters, you’re not alone.

Nearly seven out of ten people experience eye floaters to some degree. Here are some common symptoms that others suffering with eye floaters experienced before they decided to take back control of their lives. If your symptoms are anything like theirs you may want to consider consulting with your physician to see if an eye floater treatment procedure is right for you.

Do you find yourself making similar statements regarding your floaters?

  • “It made it difficult at night to drive.”
  • “They were very irritating.”
  • “I couldn’t use that eye.”
  • “I wasn’t concentrating on my reading because of the floaters being in the way.”
  • “They really do affect your performance in what you do throughout the day.”
  • “I could not see. It was like someone had a veil over my eyes.”

If so, there are options available to you to treat this condition safely and effectively. Undergoing a medical procedure that you are not familiar with can create a level of apprehension or uncertainty. However, most patients are surprised at just how fast they can experience real results.

Here’s what a few of patients have said following their procedures.

  • “So simple, a couple seconds.”
  • “No pain, a very simple procedure.”
  • “When you go to sleep and wake up, it’s like you have the eyes of a twenty year old.”
  • “The procedure was painless and quick.”

Despite what you may been told in the past, eye floaters are not something you just have to live with or simply adjust to. Just take a look at enhanced quality of life that patients who have undergone laser eye floater treatment procedures and judge for yourself!

  • “100% better.”
  • “It’s wonderful.”
  • “It’s like I never had a floater ever.”
  • “This was the best thing I could have done.”
  • “Without surgery I would have problems every day.”
  • “This has helped me a lot. I am so relieved that that floater is out of there.”

Click here to watch a patient testimonial! 

Click here to watch a patient testimonial!

Click here to watch a patient testimonial!

A safe, effective, and painless procedure to improve your vision and quality of life is now available thanks to the continued advances made by industry-leading Ellex.

If these patient’s testimonials and experiences mirror your own symptoms be sure to consult with your doctor to discuss your options or use our innovative Doctor Locator Tool to contact doctor nearby that can assist you in returning to that clarity of life you deserve.

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