Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Eye Floaters?

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Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Eye FloatersWhy Isn't Anyone Talking About Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters can be really annoying, as they mess with your vision and keep you from fully living your life. Driving, reading, cooking, and even watching TV are all activities eye floaters can ruin. Living with eye floaters is frustrating, especially because not a lot of people know what they are or what treatment options are out there!

A lot of times, eye floaters aren’t talked about because they are not obtrusive enough to cause problems. Over half the population has eye floaters, but sometimes the floaters are so small, they might as well be non-existent. Why talk about a problem that doesn’t affect you? However, for those people whose eyesight is impeded by floaters, this silence creates confusion and a lack of understanding. It can be hard to find credible information or a friend who understands what is happening to your eyes. If you do have floaters, you just may not know what to say!

Start Talking Eye FloatersSo, how do you even begin this conversation? It’s pretty simple. Start talking! Your doctor can’t read your mind, so the best thing to do is to have a conversation with them about your experiences with eye floaters and how they are negatively impacting the quality of both your vision and your life.

Historically, eye floater treatment has been not too great. It either was not possible, or required invasive or difficult procedures that weren’t worth the risk. However, technology has evolved over the years! With these latest and greatest eye floater treatments, more doctors are embracing the possibility of eye floater treatment.

Eye Floater Treatment Technology

So, even if you may have had this conversation about eye floaters with your doctor before, bring it up again! Technology has changed, so your doctor may have some new options for you that were not available before. For example, while invasive surgery used to be the only way to remove eye floaters, there is now laser floater treatment available that is a less invasive option.

Your doctor is there to help your eyes and improve your quality of life. This is impossible to do if you don’t speak up about your eye floaters. Once you do, your doctor can then offer you viable solutions. Take a deep breath, even rehearse it beforehand if you need to, but be sure to start talking!
If you don’t have a doctor right now or want to speak to a specialist, use our doctor locator tool to find someone who is right for you and your floaters!

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